Fund a Brighter Future 2023


Our team is dedicated to creating a place of belonging, giving young people hope for their future and supporting them through their challenges. Join with us for this years ‘FUND A FUTURE’ appeal, donate, and we can work together to see amazing possibilities open up for our young people.




We are pleased to announce that again this year we have the exciting opportunity to DOUBLE YOUR DONATION thanks to Kennards Hire and Northwood Developments Ltd.

Every dollar raised throughout the duration of this fundraiser will be doubled, up to $100,000

Click the button to make a donation today and help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 in 2023!


Our ‘Heart at Work’

The HEART of what we do is engaging every YOUNG PERSON in meaningful and authentic experiences where they can feel a sense of belonging and pride in their achievements.

The young people we work alongside simply need someone who can stand with them in their corner, believe in them, and support them to find their positive pathway forward.
Through your generosity we are able to ensure that the young people who attend our programmes are well supported by our dedicated staff and a connected community.

This year we are chasing the “Endless Opportunities” that our new home invites the young people of our community to engage in. Through the establishment of authentic and meaningful experiences  on the farm, in the cafe and in time to develop the campsite into transitional housing we can give young people space to learn new skills and gain the confidence they need to secure their “Brighter Future.”

We are totally committed to seeing young people championed beyond the barriers and challenges they face to move forward and pursue their dreams.

Join the team today!

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