By providing proven wrap around support programmes, Springboard creates opportunities for young people to achieve positive outcomes and pathways to success. We focus on personal wellbeing by creating a place of belonging and celebrating one-to-one connections, whilst also engaging family and the wider community.

The Springboard Model for Success


To say the first few years were a challenge is a bit of an understatement. We were a little out of our league but soon found that the simplicity of offering young people a consistent and genuine connection, believing in their potential, championing the heart inside and encouraging them to learn new skills was all that was needed to help them change the course of their lives.

The journey has been FULL of incredible stories and we are excited that there are still so many more come!

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Springboard is a values based organisation in the truest sense of the word but values don’t mean much if they are not “lived out”.

We believe all people deserve a chance to live a life of purpose, belonging & wellbeing.

It just happens that some need a little more encouragement, support and understanding to take hold of that quality of life. By living out our values, we believe we are creating opportunities for others in our community to also experience success.

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Our team personify the ‘heart’ at work! They are motivated by Springboard’s values and desire to encourage and mentor every young person that walks through the doors.

They help create a place of belonging, the genuine one-to-one connections and highlight the importance of wellbeing and unconditional positive regard for others.

They are selflessly dedicated to the lives of our young people and have become hugely significant to our community.

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Organisations like Springboard are founded on generous people and generous communities. From the founder to the most recent volunteer, it is the sense of a greater purpose that calls out a desire to do more and connect more genuinely with those in the community around us.

We truly believe that the answer lies in the community, in our own hands and in our own heart. Springboard takes that heart, the need for whanaungatanga and applies it to those most at risk in our community… The need is great and that is why we need your heart @ work with us!

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In 2021 Springboard purchased the iconic Auckland tourist destination, Sheepworld and its adjacent campground.  Our vision is a youth training centre that gives our young people opportunities to train in various areas including agriculture, tourism and hospitality.

All profits from Sheepworld and its Campground directly fund the work that Springboard does.

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We want to provide friends, families, business people, professionals and community members the opportunity to be a part of changing stories, as we journey with these young people. For many the most effective way to do this is with an expression of generosity. By giving, we are saying that ‘we believe you are worth it’, we are consciously investing into a life, with the hope that it will yield a great return.

We know there are many in our community, who want to see our young people succeed. This is why we share their stories, why we show the impact Springboard is having and why we highlight how significant community and individual support is in achieving these outcomes. We love that we all get to play apart. We can’t all be social workers, or youth workers but we can all be believers and that’s a great start.

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